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To provide Cal Poly students, faculty, staff and the public with a unique interdisciplinary environment in which to foster the Learn by Doing philosophy by providing educational experiences on a working ranch, supporting diversified agriculture and forest resources while maintaining the integrity of ranch operations.

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Flora of Scotts Creek Watershed

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Trillium chloropetalum - Giant Wake Robin

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Family Name: Liliaceae

Common Names: Giant Wake Robin, Giant Trillium, Mottled Trillium

Origin: Native to California

Habitat: Moist woods on slopes close to creeks. 100-2000 m.

Life Form and Duration: Perennial Herb, 10-70 cm tall

Comments on overall growth: 1 or more annual unbranched upright stems, hairless, 10-70 cm long, rhizomed. Whorl of leaves at top of stem with single flower growing from center.

Foliage Description: Whorl of 3 large leaves, sessile at top of stem, blades 7-21 cm long, rounded to obtuse, green and generally mottled with dark spots.

Flower Description: Single flower per stem, distinctly sessile on whorl of leaves. 3-merous, sepals 3-7 cm and lanceolate, petals 5-11 cm and linear-oblanceolate to obovate. Petals yellow to dark purple/maroon, sometimes whitish base, upright. Ovary purple.

Flowering Season: March-June

Fruit Type: Capsule

Fruit Description: Berry-like, generally strongly winged.