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To provide Cal Poly students, faculty, staff and the public with a unique interdisciplinary environment in which to foster the Learn by Doing philosophy by providing educational experiences on a working ranch, supporting diversified agriculture and forest resources while maintaining the integrity of ranch operations.

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Flora of Scotts Creek Watershed

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Cornus sericea - Creek Dogwood

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Family Name: Cornaceae

Common Names: Creek Dogwood, American Dogwood, Red Osier

Origin: Native to California

Habitat: Generally moist habitats, wet meadows, swamps, riparian zones, moist forests, below 9000 ft.

Life Form and Duration: Perennial Shrub, 1.5-4.5 m

Comments on overall growth: Multistemmed shrub, can form dense thickets

Bark and Stem Description: Twigs reddish to purple, generally hairless. Older stems grayish green.

Foliage Type: Deciduous

Foliage Description: Opposite, simple, elliptical, 4-10 cm long, margins entire and wavy, upper surfaces green and seemingly hairless, lower surfaces pale green with sparse stiff straight hairs, characteristic veins: 4-7 prominent lateral veins, evenly spaced and curving towards leaf tip near margins.

Infloresence Description: Cyme, cluster of small white flowers

Fruit Type: Drupe

Fruit Description: Spherical, ~ 6 mm in diameter, white to cream, or blue