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To provide Cal Poly students, faculty, staff and the public with a unique interdisciplinary environment in which to foster the Learn by Doing philosophy by providing educational experiences on a working ranch, supporting diversified agriculture and forest resources while maintaining the integrity of ranch operations.

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Flora of Scotts Creek Watershed

Growth Form Dense Growth Field Flowers1 Flowers2 Single Flower

Allium triquetrum - Threecorner Leek

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Family Name: Liliaceae

Common Names: Threecorner Leek, White-flowered Onion, Three-cornered Leek

Origin: Not Native to California

Notes and Rarity Levels (if applicable, see "About This Project" for explainations of rankings): Native to West Mediterranean

Habitat: Shady moist areas, disturbed places. Below 100 m.

Life Form and Duration: Perennial Herb, 35 cm

Comments on overall growth: Bulb is 1-2 cm, with thin translucent outer coats. Stem is triangular in cross section, 10-40 cm long. Whole plant has a strong smell of onion/garlic when crushed. Many individual plants grow together to form dense clumpings, from bulbs dividing to daughter bulbs.

Foliage Type: In leaf from February to July

Foliage Description: 2-3 leaves per bulb/plant, equal in length to the flower stem, basal, cross section is flat.

Infloresence Description: 3-15 flowers in an open umbel at the top of the stem.

Flower Description: White flowers, may have green midveins, drooping on 1.5-2.5 cm long pedicels, flowers 1-1.8 cm, bell shaped. Sepals and petals alike, 6 total, lanceolate.

Flowering Season: April-June

Fruit Type: Capsule

Edibility: Whole plant can be eaten raw as a substitute for garlic, onion, or leek

Plant Use: "Juice is used as a moth repellent, plant repels insects and moles."