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To provide Cal Poly students, faculty, staff and the public with a unique interdisciplinary environment in which to foster the Learn by Doing philosophy by providing educational experiences on a working ranch, supporting diversified agriculture and forest resources while maintaining the integrity of ranch operations.

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Flora of Scotts Creek Watershed

Leaf Tree Tree2 Full Canopy Young Crown Leaf Shape Seeds Seed Closeup Baby

Acer macrophyllum - Bigleaf Maple

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Family Name: Aceraceae

Common Names: Bigleaf Maple, Canyon Maple

Origin: Native to California

Habitat: Stream banks, moist wooded slopes, and canyons, below 5000 ft.

Life Form and Duration: Perennial Tree, 5-30 m

Comments on overall growth: Crown can be extensive and domed.

Bark and Stem Description: Bark of old trees is thick and deeply fissured. Young twigs are green.

Foliage Type: Deciduous

Foliage Description: Leaves are simple and opposite. Leaf blades are large up to 35 cm wide, palmate with 3-5 lobes and sinuses extending inward ~ 50% of lobe length, margins with large coarse teeth. Under surface of leaf is more pubescent than upper surface. Petioles are red, exude a milky sap, and range in length from 5-12 cm.

Infloresence Description: Long pendant raceme, with greater than 30 small flowers. Both staminate and pistillate flowers on same raceme.

Flower Description: Flowers are small, petals are yellowish-green.

Flowering Season: April-May

Fruit Type: Pair of long winged achenes (double samara)

Fruit Description: Seeds tawny in color when mature, wings at an angle less than 90 degrees.