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To provide Cal Poly students, faculty, staff and the public with a unique interdisciplinary environment in which to foster the Learn by Doing philosophy by providing educational experiences on a working ranch, supporting diversified agriculture and forest resources while maintaining the integrity of ranch operations.

  —Our Mission

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Students at Swanton Pacific Ranch gain hands-on skills and training. Intern positions prepare emerging professionals for the daily tasks associated with their discipline. Previous projects are listed below. Find more information about or apply for an internship project.

Previous Project Listings
Author Major Year - Title
Evan MundahlNRES 2014 - Lower Scotts Creek Revegetation Catalogue
Riley TadeiASCI 2014 - Upper Lions Flat Pasture Project: Biological Monitoring
Briana ViserFSN 2016 - The Swanton Experience
Lauren HeerPOLS 2014 - Light Brown Apple Moth in the Apple Orchard
Zach ZwalenNRES 2014 - Little Creek Project: Cross Sections and Longitudinal Profiles
Julia BlantonFSN 2014 - Farm to Table Exploration and Implementation at SPR
James SolumNRES 2014 - Measuring Streamflow with Dye
Erik HoltzNRES 2014 - Canopy Cover and Stream Temperature
Danielle Van LeifdeFSN 2014 - Feasibility of a Food Service Program at SPR
Kaitlyn HoffmanASCI 2014 - Upper Lions Flat Pasture Project: Financial Planning
Nicole LiuNRES 2014 - Wildlife Monitoring and Puma Tracking in SPR
Scott AndersonHCS 2014 - Apple Orchard Assessment
Austin ToyamaNRES 2014 - Coho Salmon and Habitat Assessment
Alexi KassanNRES 2014 - Scotts Creek CFI and Stand Typing
Peter LansdaleBRAE 2014 - Water Use at SPR
Cory ShallowHCS 2015 - Effects of Organic Mulch on Soil Health
Justin TrabueWVIT 2015 - Efficiency and Distribution Uniformity of Irrigation Systems
Candice ReifASCI 2015 - Rangeland Mapping: Lions Flat
Colin WongNRES 2015 - Digitizing Infrastructure on the Siberia Range
Sara WehlanderASCI 2015 - Monitoring Rangeland Health
Kristy PetersonNRES 2015 - Setting a Baseline for the SPR Plant Inventory
Joey BashoreNRES 2015 - Pebble Counts and Substrate Colonization within Little Creek
Tyler DavisNRES 2015 - Effectiveness of Large Wood Debris Addition to Scotts Creek
Jesse FelgenhauerNRES 2015 - Cross-Sectional Analysis of Little Creek Geomorphology
Chelsea GlasnowFSN 2015 - Regulatory Obligations in Establishing a Commercial Kitchen
Yanlei WuASCI 2015 - Correlation between Animal Activity and Moon Phase
Anna MillerFSN 2016 - Comprehensive Nutrient Analysis of 4-week Menu Plan
Georgia ReevesBIO SCI 2016 - Growth Analysis of Conifers on SPR
Clint DoucetteNRES 2016 - Growth Analysis of Redwoods in General Smith and Tranquility Flats Stand
Coleman DeblockNRES 2016 - Establishing Baseline Habitat Conditions in Little Creek
Leah BotelhoNRES 2016 - Canopy Composition along the Little Creek Watershed
Brian ClarkNRES 2016 - Scotts Creek Habitat Survey
Jack WellsBRAE 2016 - Survey of Tetraynchus urticae Predators in the Strawberry Field
Marie WiemannASCI 2016 - Widespread Analysis of Grass-fed Beef
Edith VelasquezASCI 2016 - Survey of Perennial Grasses on Swanton’s Rangeland
Sean BirkimerNRES 2016 - A Brief Look at Al’s Railroad Trail