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CalVTP Field Training: Healdsburg Open Space/Community Fuels Reduction Project

Thursday, April 13, 2023 10:00am to 3:00pm in Healdsburg, California

This was an opportunity to learn about how the Healdsburg Open Space and Community Fuels Reduction Project is using the CalVTP to facilitate a vegetation management and fuels reduction program. 

This field workshop highlighted how the City of Healdsburg Fire Department is working with Foresters and local operators to implement fuels treatments in their community. Participants improved their understanding of how to use the CalVTP as part of a vegetation management and fuels reduction strategy and learned how to design and implement other community fire safety projects.  

This intermediate-level training focused on the complexities associated with successfully permitting the Healdsburg Open Space and Community Fuels Reduction Project, located on Healdsburg Ridge in the heart of the WUI in Healdsburg, California. Attendees learned about the background and context of project, which fuels reduction and mechanical treatments were used for fuels mitigation, and how this project contributes to fuels and vegetation management at the wildland urban interface. 

Presenters discussed project-specific environmental permitting process alternatives and challenges. In addition to a tour of multiple vegetation treatment types (contrasting with no treatment controls), presenters addressed the challenges of community and stakeholder engagement. The event featured varying vegetation types and treatments including oak woodland and chaparral.


Lance MacDonald, Division Chief and Fire Marshal, City of Healdsburg Fire Department

Jacob Harrower, Forester and Owner of Frontier Resource Management  

Jacob Harrower earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Professional Forestry from the University of California, Berkeley and is a Registered Professional Forester. Years of operational experience in forest restoration and forestry consulting have provided a solid foundation for developing forest management plans. He has gained expertise managing a diverse set of landscapes from the big island of Hawaii to the coastal and interior ranges of northern California to the desert landscapes of the Mojave. While studying and living in the high Sierras, he developed a love and appreciation of forest ecology.  After relocating to California's rugged north coast, he discovered his true calling: managing coastal forest resources for a diverse set of values. From protecting and developing timber resources to restoring historic oak woodlands. He specializes in utilizing cutting edge technology and science to make complex, long term forest management decisions. He has experience working with small landowners, large industrial timber owners, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), the Forest Service, Native American tribal groups, the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), local fire departments/ fire protection districts, and various government agencies. 

Eric Dickie, Eric Dickie Roadbuilding 

Logging Contractor 1981 to present

General Contractor  1996- present

Ca. State Wildlife Specialist 2000- present

Cal Fire Fire Contract 1981 - 2022


Time agenda item         
10:00am Training begins. Welcome!
  Presenter introductions 
  Engaging with the community and stakeholders
  Project history and challenges
  Environmental permitting
  Tour of vegetation treatments 
  Q&A with presenters (throughout)
3:00pm Field training complete



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